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With spike in stress on a day to day basis, health disorders have become widespread in urban landscape. Hence it is very important to undergo a full body checkup through an optimal health checkup package that can help improve the overall quality of life.

Preventive Health check-ups are customized diagnostic regimes to help find a complete health issue before it starts affecting the overall health of an individual. By getting the right health checkup, you can take the firm step towards living a long and healthy life.

We have customized our health check up packages by keeping in mind the health disorders which are the major causes of death in India and checkup profile that a common man seeks from a healthcare provider.

 Few of our major checkup packages for both men and women are :


It is necessary to get a full body checkup on a regular basis due to rising stress and hectic schedule in our daily lives. Undergoing this regular end-to-end health checkup is not only important for men but women also, above the age of 20 years. This test can help discover a health issue earlier when treatment can be more effective.

Few of the advantages of a whole body checkup are:

  • Body checkup gives you an opportunity to assess your health status and risk factors.
  • Body checkup promotes healthy lifestyle.
  • Body checkup helps in modification of lifestyle and other intervention which may reduce the risk for major health issues common among the Indian population such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
  • Body checkup helps in spotting a health disorder at an early stage when treatment can be effective with minimal of complications.


Today, cancer has become one of the major causes of death in India. According to studies, oral and lung cancer are the most common type of cancer in men whereas, breast and cervix cancer are common in women. Cancer screening can help discover the disease before symptoms appear, at a stage when chances for treatment are better. A cancer checkup can also help improve lifestyle to reduce risk factors for cancer.


15% population of each city of India is suffering from Diabetes: a chronic illness that occurs due to high blood sugar. Diabetes is a disease that can severely affects many organs such as kidney, liver, heart, etc. Hence, it is important to get diabetic check up on a regular basis in order to keep a track of the blood sugar level. A Diabetes check up packages diabetes check up package can help maintain the disease along with prevent the complications. It can also help maintain a lifestyle that can reduce your risks for diabetes.


Most of the people follow an unhealthy lifestyle due to hectic day-to-day schedule. Due to this, sustaining a good health is quite a challenge. However, it is important to maintain a good health in order to increase your life expectancy. A master health checkup can help spot and prevent the most prevalent health issues that range from generic to specific. We offer Master Health Checkup that is especially designed to detect major health issues earlier when treatment can be much more effective.


In order to increase life expectance, it is essential to follow a balanced diet, regular exercises and regular health checkups. A comprehensive health checkup can help track your health and pick up any early warning signs of any health condition, as many of the health problems can be treated easily with early detection. We offer comprehensive health checkup which comprises of especially designed tests and consultation to meet your needs for a basic health checkup.


A heart screening is important as it helps you spot risk factors in their earlier stages. Starting at the age of 20, a person should get heart screening package once in every two to three years. However, if you are having any kind of known risk factors such as family medical history of cardiovascular disease, then you should get the heart checkup package once in every year.


As we understand the hectic day to day routine of a common man, we have introduced Home Care packages to make healthcare service an easy affair. We provide the highest level of health checkup options which you can get in a hospital, now in the comfort of your home. Avail our homecare services if you seek comprehensive medical assistance in your comfort zone.



Health Checkup Packages at Manipal Hospitals offers Basic Health Checkup, full body checkup, Master Health Checkup, and Screening tests at affordable cost.
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